I irrevocably agree, declare and undertake that information, documents, company name, trade name associated with topics related to my job as well as various information and documents related to companies are confidential and that I shall never disclose such information and documents to any third real and/or legal entity persons and organizations without the written consent of AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş.

In the event that AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş discovers that any and all information and documents delivered to me by AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş. have been disclosed in breach of the contract without consent of AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş., I shall be liable for such disclosure, I shall take all measures to prevent transfer of such information and documents to 3rd persons,

AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş retains the property of all documents including quality images provided to me and all information disclosed to me by AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş. due to my job including intellectual and industrial property rights arising out of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and relevant Laws and Decrees in the force of Law (processing, transmission, reproduction, representation, communication to public), I am entitled to solely use them in line with the purpose of my job, and reproduction of such documents is subject to consent of AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş.,

In the event that, despite taking any measures, I fail to prevent spread of such information and documents, I am ware that such case shall not relieve me of liability by alleging that I am not at fault,

I have read and understood the Information Security Policy,

I shall not share, transfer, use, disclose personal data with special and general nature belonging to the employer or attorneys of the employer, employees, subcontractor employees, customers, suppliers, guests, job applicants, interns at the workplace and all natural persons with direct or indirect relationship with the company without written and explicit consent of AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş. in written, audible or video form, I shall not illegally acquire personal data in any way and I shall not process the same electronically or manually,

I shall not transfer information I have acquired in any way, even unknowingly, or transferred to me by AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş.to third persons and unaffiliated persons in writing and/or verbally, AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş. shall be entitled to initiate legal proceedings against me due to violation of duty of confidentiality and loyalty in such cases,

By accepting this confidentiality commitment, I shall indemnify AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş against pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages it may suffer due to anything contrary to the Information Security Policy,

My above written commitments shall remain in full force and effect after termination of the business relationship between me and AKIN TEKSTİL A.Ş. for any reason,